Vaccine Clinics

Everyone age 5 and older is now eligible to receive a COVID-19 vaccine

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Vaccination Clinics

The CDC now recommends everyone 5 years of age or older receive a COVID-19 vaccine. The Pfizer vaccine is the only one currently authorized for anyone ages 5 and up. The Children's Hospital of San Antonio is currently offering Vaccine Clinics for children ages 5 or older.

Monday – Thursday: 7:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
Friday: 7:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.
Every other Saturday: 8:00 a.m. -3:00 p.m.

Goldsbury Center for Children and Families
333 N. Santa Rosa St., 1st Floor
San Antonio, Texas 78207

All children ages 5 and older. Children ages 16 and 17 are now eligible for a third dose of the Pfizer vaccine.

We encourage you to schedule online by clicking here. However, walk-ins are welcome during clinic hours. 

VAX Facts

If you have questions, The Children’s Hospital of San Antonio has a few general tips to keep in mind. Read more in our Vax Facts.

We Are Here for You

The Children’s Hospital of San Antonio also stands ready to care for patients with COVID-19 symptoms. Our experts in infectious diseases and emergency medicine are well informed about this new coronavirus disease as well as many other diseases. Our entire team is prepared to respond quickly and appropriately if you suspect that your child may have COVID-19 or any health condition that requires emergency medical attention.

These are times that require courage, clarity and calm. We are here for you and your family. You can trust us for support and strength, whatever the health issue. Together, we will survive this pandemic and be stronger for the experience. Just as our Sisters who founded this ministry in the midst of a health care crisis 150 years ago, we are called each day to make a difference in the lives of our community.

Visitor Guidelines

Visitor Guidelines

To keep our patients, visitors and care teams safe, we have made temporary changes to our visitation policies. Visit our COVID-19 FAQs for the latest information and requirements for masking.

Wear a Mask

Universal Masking

Universal Masking Still in Place at all CHRISTUS Facilities

We are glad to see that the CDC continues to update its guidance about COVID-19 vaccines as more research and information become available. This week, that included guidance for fully vaccinated people (over two weeks after their final vaccine dose) who now no longer need masks indoors or outdoors in most cases.

However, this guidance does not apply to health care settings, so we will continue to require all those in our hospitals, clinics, ambulatory surgery centers and other locations where care is provided to remain masked. As these locations remain open to the public, and as we will continue treating all those who need us, including those with COVID-19 and those without, it’s important that we ask our Associates, physicians, volunteers, patients and visitors to remain masked while in our facilities for now.

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To help combat the wildly spreading COVID-19 pandemic and make meaningful contributions towards the advancement of science and medicine, the CHRISTUS Institute for Innovation and Advanced Clinical Care (CIIACC) remains strategically focused on bringing cutting-edge and innovative clinical research participation opportunities to our diverse patients.

Emergency Care

Emergency Care

As parents, we can't predict our children's medical emergencies. Regardless of your child's medical need; whether they need care for a broken bone or an emergency surgery; you can have peace of mind in knowing we are here for your child and you. The Children's Hospital of San Antonio's emergency departments are equipped to safely provide full scale emergency care for your child. Go to the Emergency Department or call 9-1-1

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Up-to-date news regarding The Children's Hospital of San Antonio's response the Corona Virus.

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Birth Services

If you are planning to deliver a baby with us, rest assured that our OB, Maternal Fetal Medicine, and NICU teams are well prepared to keep both you and your baby safe throughout your stay in our hospital.

Prayer Request

Spiritual Care

Our Spiritual Care Teams are committed to supporting the spiritual well-being of our patients and their friends and family, our staff and the community. This is true especially during times of illness and hospitalization. We serve all patients and families regardless of faith or affiliation.


Virtual Visits

The Children's Hospital of San Antonio pediatric and specialty clinics are now offering virtual visits. Whether you are concerned that your child has an ear infection, the flu, or you need help in managing your child's chronic health condition, we can help to determine which option is right for you. Board certified pediatric primary care and specialty doctors are just a click away via your smartphone, tablet or laptop.

CHRISTUS Foundations

Ways to Help

We greatly appreciate your care and concern for our patients, our Associates, and our ministry while we face the challenges of COVID-19. In response to so many who have reached out to offer help, we have set up a dedicated fund to support our response to COVID-19.