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Family Advisory Board

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As a family member or friend who has been identified by a patient as a care partner, you are an important member of the healthcare team.

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The Family Advisory Board at The Children’s Hospital of San Antonio was established with the purpose of improving the experiences of our patients and families. It is a voluntary group made up of family members of patients of The Children’s Hospital of San Antonio along with hospital staff and leadership. 

The board meets on a regular basis with the goal to shape change throughout the Children’s Hospital by:

  • Participating in forming policies and procedures that are focused on patients and their families
  • Serving as a family advisor on hospital committees
  • Education medical students, residents, new employees, and other Associates about the experience of care from the perspective of a patient and family member
  • Improving patient safety
  • Designing a more welcoming environment
  • Creating and reviewing educational materials and forms

If you would like to get involved in with the Family Advisory Board, please contact us at or fill out our online form for more information.