COVID-19 Vaccine

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Andrea Gutierrez


Earlier this year, Andrea Gutierrez, a nurse at CHRISTUS Spohn Hospital Kleberg, assisted in the vaccination of person after person in our drive-through vaccination clinics. With each vaccination, she gave, she knew she was helping to protect her community. But, she wasn't vaccinated.

Because of a severe allergy, she was unsure about getting the vaccine. But, when the hospital saw an increase in COVID patients again, she knew it was time to protect herself, her patients, and her family.  

Andrea is not only a caregiver for patients at CHRISTUS Spohn Kleberg she cares for her elderly parents, her children at home, and a grandson who was born during the height of the first COVID wave. "Of course, I'm wearing all my PPE [and taking] all the measures needed, but I am not as protected as I could be," she admits.

This week, Andrea decided to put faith over her fear and received her first vaccination. She says, "I am now covered and protecting the people around me who I do love and working hard at work to make sure everybody's protected. Just the same way I would do at my house."