Charity Compliance



 Billed through:

 Professional Fees

 Medical Staff

Damian DeFrancesch, MD

Y-Procedures Meditech N-Clinic Y

Don Bell, MD

N Y-Meditech Labs & Xrays N-Clinic Y

Gavin Chico

Y-Procedures Meditech/Centricity Y  Y
Gentry Haughton Y- Technical Components Meditech N-Clinic  Y
Raymond Jarvis Y-Procedures Meditech N-Clinic (Dental)  Y
Jeanette Tilley, NP Y Meditech/Centricity Y  Y
Joshua Carson Y Meditech/Centricity Y  Y
Lauren Anderson  N Y-Meditech Labs & Xrays N-Clinic  Y

Lavora Wilson

Y Meditech/Centricity Y  Y
Martin Carter, MD Y-ER Technical Fees Meditech N-Clinic/ER Pro Fee  Y
Pam Gates, NP N Y-Meditech Labs & Xrays N-Clinic  Y
Sean Troxclair, MD Y-ER Technical Fees Meditech/Centricity Y-Clinic/N- ER Pro Fee  Y
Gary Swart, DC N N N  Y
Morgan Van Zandt N N N- Clinic (Dental)  Y
William Coleman Y Meditech/Centricity Y-Clinic/N-ER Pro Fee  Y
Wyche Coleman, MD Y-ER Technical Fees Y- Meditech Xrays N-Clinic/ ER Pro Fee  Y

*Anything Billed Through Meditech or Centricity adheres to the Charity Guidelines