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Office of Investigator Support (OIS)


Investigator Resources

The OIS provides all necessary guidance and support services to research investigators who are committed to providing innovative and advanced clinical care options to their patients closer to their homes and families. Through multiple regional research offices, the OIS makes available core and ancillary services needed for overall successful conduct of clinical research as follows:

Protocol Development

A range of tools, templates, and consultation services are offered to assist investigators in writing and developing clinical trial protocols that comply with applicable regulatory and GCP requirements.

Protocol Implementation Support

Led by proven regional leaders, the local research facilities come staffed with experienced and diligent research nurses, research coordinators, and regulatory specialists to assist research investigators. These research teams assist with protocol feasibility analysis, as well as conduct of clinical trials while meeting the highest standards of ethical, legal, and regulatory compliance.

Biostatistics Consultation

Investigators at CHRISTUS Health can conveniently avail the biostatistics consulting services during various stages of their research such as protocol design, grant application preparation, data collection, data analysis, and manuscript preparation. To request a consult, email

Research Technology

To ensure efficient conduct and optimal management of clinical research, a variety of solution-oriented e-platforms are offered to research teams. These include: iRIS for IRB application management, eProposal for research contract and budget management, CREDIT® for research finance and research portfolio management, Clincard for subject payment management, and RedCap for research database management. For more information, click here.

Health Sciences Library

Physically located at CHRISTUS Spohn Health System in Corpus Christi, Texas, the Health Sciences Library serves a variety of research, academic, and medical education needs of professionals from medical, nursing, and other ancillary care disciplines with traditional library research and comprehensive reference services. The Library carries an onsite collection of a wide variety of textbooks and current subscriptions to pertinent journals in the fields of medicine, nursing, and health care administration. It features study areas, computers, printers, copiers, scanners, and faxing services. After-hours access may be available by request for employees with a CHRISTUS Health ID badge. The Health Sciences Library support, such as access to electronic full-text articles, can be remotely extended to all research investigators across CHRISTUS Health at no cost to them. All such requests, along with bibliographical information, can be sent directly to Leta Dannelley at

Strategic Partnerships

To allow meaningful collaborations, business partnerships, and reliable access to newest clinical trials in market, strategic relationships are built and maintained with academic institutions, clinical research organizations, biospecimen research companies, and pharmaceutical companies at local, regional, national, and global levels.


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