Pricing Transparency

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services are requiring every hospital to publicize a list of their standard charges online in a “machine-readable format” by Jan. 1, 2019. We have provided two types of files to meet this requirement.

One file includes average Charge Description Master price (which includes basic information about hospital charges and is grouped by number), and is available here.

One file includes average charges by Diagnosis Related Group (which includes many of the treatments you would need for a certain condition grouped together), and is available here.
Please note that these lists are meant to meet the government requirement, but they do not represent all of our efforts around price transparency or affordability. 

If you’d like to contact us to have a conversation about costs for your specific medical needs, please call the number in the attached file for your hospital, or—if available—request a price estimate online. Each patient and medical need is different, so we’re happy to talk to you about your needs and the cost of your care.