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Our Approach

Our technologically-advanced center provides spacious rooms, with separate climate control, cable television and comfortable beds. Onsite sleep studies are conducted by registered technologists and a board certified sleep medicine physician is available and specializes in all aspects of care.

Once you arrive, a qualified and registered sleep technologist with explain the procedures to you. Each evaluation consists of placing small electrodes on the surface of your head, face and legs for the recording of sleep patterns. Airflow, heart rate, muscle activity, brain waves and blood oxygen levels are monitored. Patients are videotaped to correlate body movements with physiological changes.

Sleep Disorders in Children

Sleep problems are one of the most common concerns for parents. In fact, sleep problems have been estimated to affect 25 percent of children. Sleep is important for physical, mental and emotional growth in children. Both the quality and the quantity of your child’s sleep are important.

Good Shepherd’s Center for Sleep Disorders provides pediatric sleep studies for children as early as newborns. Our experienced, registered technologists provide a friendly and safe environment for your child’s sleep needs. A board certified sleep medicine physician is available and specializes in all aspects of care of the sleep disorder patient.


More Information

A number of treatments for sleep disorders are available. Physician referral is required for individuals to be evaluated at the center. Daytime studies are available for patients with restrictive work schedules.

Pre-registration is required.

Our Locations

CHRISTUS Good Shepherd Sleep Center - Longview
705 East Marshall Avenue
Suite 4001 (Medical Plaza III)
Longview, Texas 75601

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