Don’t Let Joint Pain Keep You On The Sidelines

Joint Injections

Choosing to receive an injection to provide relief for your joint pain is often what we recommend to our patients as a first step, non-surgical treatment option. A medical joint injection can easily help to stop pain brought on by inflammation and help in speeding up the recovery process.

There are five common injections our physicians provide to our patients.


Corticosteroid Injection

Patients seeking relief from inflammation will benefit from a corticosteroid injection, also known as a cortisone injection. This injection offers a concentrated amount of anti-inflammatories. It acts as effective and quick aid to inflamed areas of the body such as muscles, joints and tendons.

Epidural Injection

This injection is normally used to alleviate nerve pain. The injection takes place in the back, neck or limb region. The purpose of utilizing this treatment is to offer pain relief that comes with experiencing nerve damage in the spine. It also used to reduce inflammation in this area.

Facet Joint Injection

We utilize this injection to treat our patients with severe arthritis. Joints that are affected by arthritis can produce pain in your body that can feel like it’s hard to manage. Your physician may choose to utilize a facet joint injection to determine how your body if further treatment for your condition is necessary.

Medial Branch Injection

Our physicians utilize this injection for facet joint blockage. The first step in this treatment includes injecting a numbing agent (anesthesia) close to your tiny medial nerve which is connected to a facet joint. During a normal procedure, a patient may receive multiple injections.

Sacroiliac Joint (SI) Injection

The Sacroiliac Joint (SI) Injection is used to treat our patients that suffer from lower back pain. This treatment works to offset pain and inflammation that comes about with SI dysfunction.

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