Preparing For Surgery


Our comprehensive pre-operative education class ensures patients are fully prepared for their joint replacement surgery. This educational experience has been designed to help patients understand the diagnosis, the joint replacement process and the recovery period. Participation in this class allows patients an opportunity to ask questions and gain comfort in learning what to expect every step of the way along the path to health. The class includes an introduction to exercises, home preparation information, plus tips and activities that will speed recovery and aid in lasting success.

The Coach

During the recovery process, most patients will have a close friend or family member act as their “coach.” This is strongly encouraged because the coach plays a very important role in helping the patient reach his or her goals. We consider patient education, positive reinforcement and the involvement of family and friends to be the most important factors in the patient’s recovery.


If you and your doctor determine surgery is needed, PASS (Pre-Admission Surgery Screening) will help you prepare for your surgery.

Pre and Post Surgery Instructions

General guidelines are available for you to follow both pre- and post-surgery. In addition, you may select your physician for specific instructions related to your surgery. If your physician is not listed, please contact the center directly for further guidance.

Some of then general items we will go over with you for pre and post-surgery include:

  • Safety precautions
  • Medication (pre- and post-surgery)
  • Daily training activities
  • Ensuring your home environment is safe when you come home from surgery
  • Preparing for potential postoperative complications
  • Pain management
  • Fall prevention