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Did you know that the shoulder is the most most fragile joint in the body and the elbow is the toughest? Each of these areas require special attention which is why our do The flexibility of the shoulder makes it prone to both sudden injury and chronic wear. The leading causes of shoulder pain are bursitis, tendonitis and irritated rotator cuff.



A bursa is a fluid filled sac that sits and offers cushion between various bones and tissue throughout the body. Bursitis is inflammation of one of those sacs.

Elbow Arthritis

Arthritis in general is disorder that affects the joints causing inflammation of one or more joints. Elbow arthritis entails elbow pain, which is a result of overuse or overexertion of the forearm.

Elbow Bursitis

Elbow bursitis, or what we also know as olecranon bursitis, can form as a painful lump on your elbow. Your olecranon is defined as that pointed tip you see when you bend your elbow. From that point of the elbow and the skin, a think sac of fluid called a bursa resides here. When your bursa becomes inflamed, that sac fills with extra fluid and can become very painful.

Golfers Elbow

The condition we refer to as, Golfer's elbow, entails an individual experiencing pain in their forearm where the tendons and muscles attach to the sharp, bone that forms a bump on the inside of your elbow. It is possible for the pain you are experiencing from this condition to spread from your forearm to your wrist.

Labral Tears

Your labrum can be defined as a rubbery structure (cartilage) that acts as the glue that keeps your shoulder socket connected to the ball and joint. When this cartilage becomes damaged, a labral tear occurs.

Rotator Cuff

Common causes that can lead to a rotator cuff tear include aging, strenuous jobs on the body (construction, being an athlete, etc.), or family history (some people are more predisposed to tears due to genetics).


Deep in the shoulder are a group of tendons and muscles called the rotator cuff. They help stabilize the upper arm bone in the shoulder joint and rotate the arm.

Tennis Elbow

Tennis elbow is a common term for a condition caused by overuse of arm, forearm, and hand muscles that results in elbow pain. It is caused by either abrupt or subtle injury of the muscle and tendon area around the outside of the elbow. Tennis elbow specifically involves the area where the muscles and tendons of the forearm attach to the outside bony area (called the lateral epicondyle) of the elbow.

UCL Injury

An ulnar collateral ligament (UCL) consists of strong bands of tissue that connects the inside of your elbow to the bone of your upper arm. An injury to this area usually involves a tear that is a result of the overuse of a forceful, repetitive motion. The tear that results from this condition can be minor or very serious. It is a common injury amongst baseball pitchers and throwers.

Shoulder Replacement

Undergoing a shoulder replacement procedure involves a complex operation that replaces your shoulder joint with artificial components. Relieving pain and improving natural movement with your shoulder is the result of a surgery such as this.

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