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Clinical Experience

Ortho San Antonio, Children’s Hospital of San Antonio

The “main clinic” for the fellowship will be at Ortho San Antonio, a key component of CHRISTUS Orthopedics & Sports Medicine, located at 2833 Babcock Road, Tower II, Suite 435, San Antonio, Texas, 78229.  In addition, experience at The Children’s Hospital of San Antonio Sports Medicine Clinics is considered an integral and necessary component of the fellows’ education.


Fellows will work weekly with the Orthopedic faculty in their respective clinics and operating rooms.  Fellows will be required to evaluate patients independently and report directly to the Orthopedics faculty.  Fellows will also work with Orthopedics faculty in Saturday morning clinics, sideline/event coverage, fracture clinics.  

Rotations & Electives

Additionally, fellows will have a required rotational presence in the following settings:  Radiology, Physical Therapy, Exercise Physiology.  Fellows will be required to attend these settings in order to demonstrate clinical expertise in these fields both clinically and academically.  At least ½ day per week will be allotted for residents to complete such electives.  In addition, fellows will be given regular opportunities to have clinical experiences in electives of their choosing, such as electrophysiology, pediatric specialties, and research.  Fellows will be allowed to build flexibility into their elective schedule so to maximize their elective exposure and maintain their required clinical components.

Continuity Clinic

Each fellow will be required to maintain a PGY-4 continuity clinic in their primary specialty for 1 half-day per week.  

Saturday Sports Clinics

Fellows will be required to attend Saturday Sports Clinics, held during the school academic year.  Faculty present will be a combination of Primary Care Sports Medicine, Orthopedic Sports Medicine, and Physical Therapy faculty.  Fellows will be required to evaluate patients independently, present cases, and immediately strategize with faculty for patient care. 

Ultrasound Didactic Component

Fellows will have access to point-of-care use of ultrasound for diagnostic and procedural training and point-of-care utilization.  Fellows will be required to actively ("hands-on") demonstrate competency in diagnostic ultrasound of and ultrasound-guided procedures of the shoulder, elbow, wrist, hand, hip, ankle, and knee.  Fellows may also choose elective time to further their studies in musculoskeletal ultrasound skills.

Team Physician Role

Fellows will be required to establish and maintain a supervised, year-long “Team Physician” relationship with a local high school and its respective athletic trainer.  All medical care and decisions will be made in conjunction with supervisory faculty known to the athletic training team.  The relationship will include regular visits to the school and training room site for medical care as well as regular presence for school athletic events.  The documentation for this relationship and the fellows’ participation will be summarized in their evaluation by the respective athletic trainer. 
Fellows will also work in medical consultation for CHRISTUS Health-affiliated athletic trainers working at various local schools and athletic events throughout the city.  The main contact for this endeavor will be Christina Espinoza, ATC.  The fellows’ participation will be documented via their evaluations.

Other Event Coverage

Fellows will be required to actively participate in the medical team planning for other events seasonally:  the HEB Run Fest (annually in the spring), San Antonio Rodeo (annually in February), and Golden Gloves boxing (intermittent throughout year).