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CHRISTUS Kids Clinic

Infants, children and adolescents have special medical needs. During these years of rapid growth, development and maturation, every child needs regular medical care to stay healthy and achieve their full developmental potential. Our caring teams are committed to providing quality service in a comfortable, safe setting.

Our Approach

CHRISTUS Kids Clinic offers pediatric physical, occupational and speech-language therapy designed to help children birth to 21 years meet developmental milestones and gain life skills through developing movement, communication, feeding, and play.

CHRISTUS Kids Clinic provides high quality therapy services for children exhibiting developmental difficulties, concerns, or medical conditions interfering with particular functions or typical development. Common problems and diagnoses include Cerebral palsy, pre-maturity, muscular disorders, Autism Spectrum Disorder, language disorders, and Down's Syndrome, and hearing impairment.

However, many children have no specific medical diagnosis but may show some concerns with a specific area of development, such as slow to develop speech or motor milestones, a feeding problem, poor handwriting or fine motor skills, or have a specific learning problem.

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Our Location

CHRISTUS Kids Clinic
1700 Buckner Square
Suite 150
Shreveport, Louisiana 71101

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