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Frequently Asked Questions about Weight Loss Surgery

One on One Consultation

Is weight loss surgery right for you? We offer a consultation with our bariatric surgeon to give you all the facts.

  • General overview of long-term weight loss surgical options
  • Evaluation to determine if you are a candidate for surgery (e.g., Vital signs and BMI)
  • Detailed review of your insurance benefits and preferred payment options (if available)
  • Click here to schedule an appointment with Dr. Jerome Schrapps. You can also call 409-839-LOSE (5673).


  • Why should I have my medical weight loss surgery performed at CHRISTUS Southeast Texas Bariatric Center in Beaumont?
  • How soon will I be able to walk?
  • Is there a difference in the outcome of surgery between men and women?
  • Can I get pregnant after weight loss surgery?
  • How soon can I drive?
  • How can I know that I won't just keep losing weight until I waste away?
  • Is weight loss surgery covered by insurance?
  • Will I lose my hair after surgery? If so, how can I reduce hair loss?
  • Will I have to change my medications?
  • Is a blood transfusion required?
  • What is the purpose of all these tests?
  • Will I have a lot of pain after surgery?
  • How long will I have to stay in the hospital?
  • Will I be asked to stop smoking?
  • If I continue to smoke what will happen?
  • What are the routine tests before surgery?
  • What are adhesions and do they form?
  • What can I do to help the process?
  • Does the program provide care after medical weight loss surgery?
  • Is there any difficulty in taking medications?