Patient Safety Partnering with Our Patients

Many hospitals across the country are working to make health care safety a priority. We encourage our patients to be active participants in their health care through the use of the "Speak Up" program.

  • Speak up if you have any questions or concerns and if you don't understand, ask again.
  • Pay attention to the care you are receiving. Ask questions when you don't understand.
  • Educate yourself about your diagnosis, medical tests, and your plan of care.
  • Ask a trusted family member or friend to be with you if you are unable to ask questions for yourself.
  • Know what medications you take.
  • Use a health care organization that has undergone rigorous on-site evaluations.
  • Participate in decisions about your treatment. You are the center of your health care team.


You should always bring all your home medications with you and discuss them with your doctor and nurse. Your doctor will determine which ones you will continue taking while you are in the hospital. This will help prevent your home medicines from interfering or interacting with the medication you receive in the hospital.

As a reminder, you may only take medications prescribed by your doctor during your hospital stay.

Tobacco-Free Policy

We care about the health of our patients, visitors and staff. That's why we have made all CHRISTUS Ochsner St. Patrick locations - inside and outside -tobacco-free. This decision was not made lightly. We understand that nicotine is addictive, and regret the inconvenience to tobacco users.  Knowing the dangers that tobacco poses, however, we believe that smoking areas are simply not consistent with our mission: "Extending the Healing Ministry of Jesus Christ".

Fire Drills

For your protection, the hospital conducts fire and disaster drills regularly. If a drill occurs while you are here, please remain in your room and do not become alarmed. The hospital is a fire-resistant building, and the staff is trained in fire protection.


Special regulations are in effect in areas where patients are receiving oxygen. Electrically-operated equipment and aerosol products are not permitted in these areas. Absolutely no smoking is permitted in any room where oxygen is in use or on standby.

Do not bring your valuables

Patients are asked not to bring items of value to the hospital. To assure safe protection for the valuables you do bring, we encourage you to deposit them in the hospital safe, located in the Emergency room. To make these arrangements call ext. 6363