Clinical Pastoral Education

  • Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) is interfaith professional education for ministry.  
  • CPE is experience-based theological education for seminarians, clergy, and laity of diverse faith traditions, cultures, and ethnic groups.  
  • CPE develops one’s capacity for the pastoral and spiritual care of individuals, families and systems.  
  • CPE teaches skills and theoretical content in the disciplines of theology, sociology, behavioral sciences, family systems theory and cultural diversity.  
  • CPE supervises encounters in ministry with persons in crisis.  
  • CPE is about developing new awareness of self and others through group and supervisory feedback as well as self-reflection.    
  • CPE is learning to care and learning to be cared for within a community of care.
  • CPE focuses on goals of pastoral reflection, formation and competence.
  • CPE focuses on the art of listening and the need to engage feelings known.
  • CPE focuses on the use of spiritual discernment and assessment.    

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