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Miracle Children

Emma and Lilly in matching blue outfits

Emma and Lilly Bush

Ashley Bush was rushed to surgery with her babies at a fragile 28 weeks. It was Mother’s Day 2018, and the girls would spend another 82 days in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at CHRISTUS Mother Frances Hospital-Tyler. Now, as energetic and inseparable two-year-old twins, 2021 Miracle Children Emma and Lilly keep their parents’ hands and hearts full.
Kimber De La Cruz

Kimber De La Cruz

Whether dancing to whatever music may be playing, cheering for her siblings at their sports matches, or simply hanging out with her family, Kimber is a happy four-year-old girl!
Blake Barney 2019 Children's Miracle Network Child

Barney Blake

Sometimes the biggest personalities come in small packages. This is certainly true for 2019 Miracle Child, Blake Barney.  As parents Siobhan and Charles, and sister, Logan know, Blake will stop at nothing to get where she wants, either on all fours or cruising in her gait trainer.
Jack Bryans

Jack Bryans

The Bryans family have four amazing children. Luke, Jordan and Molly were all born at CHRISTUS Mother Frances Hospital - Tyler, but 2018 Miracle Child, “Joyful” Jack came into the Bryans family a little differently.
Micah Read

Micah Read

During his combined 94-day stay in the Level III NICU at CHRISTUS Mother Frances Hospital, plus an additional 11 day stay at Children’s Medical Center in Dallas, Micah’s care was coordinated by a team of specialists, and led by neonatologist, Dr. Brenda Morris, medical director of the NICU.
Daniela Guzzetta

Daniela Guzzetta

Little Daniela Guzzetta has overcome many obstacles in her short life. Born early via an urgent caesarean section, Daniela has always been a fighter.  Preliminary fetal echocardiogram testing before her birth indicated that Daniela could have Down syndrome, a condition in which extra chromosomes cause delays in the way a child develops, both physically and mentally.
Miracle Children

Will and Ellie Butts

Will and Ellie are the 2012 Children’s Miracle Network Miracle Children and an amazing example of courage and determination. 

Destiny Williams

Everybody has a story. Some stories are bigger than others, and the story of Destiny Miriah Williams is a big story.

Luke Daniel Skinner

While on vacation at 31 weeks pregnant, Luke’s mom, Katie, started having abdominal pain. Luke’s parents immediately rushed to the closest emergency room where Katie’s pain was first diagnosed as a gall stone, and the doctors suggested that the best course of treatment would be to remove it.

Carter Wayne Dingler

Carter Wayne Dingler, CMNH’s 2015 Miracle Child, is a sweet and cheerful boy who has brought smiles and inspiration to many folks in East Texas since he was born in February 2014. This was the first pregnancy for Amanda and Chad, Carter’s loving parents. Amanda experienced an uncomfortable but seemingly normal pregnancy, until a routine pre-natal check-up revealed that her condition was far more serious.

Awareness, Advancement, and Action

Environmental, societal, and individual factors influence children’s health and development. For this reason, advocacy is an important part of our mission.

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