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Zilver PTX Drug Eluting Stent

Trinity Clinic Cardiologist Dr. Ray Kumar appeared on the Fox 51 Morning show on April 10, to discuss the use of a new product at the Louis & Peaches Owen Heart Hospital at Trinity Mother Frances called the Zilver PTX Drug-Eluting Peripheral Stent.

The PTX is used to treat peripheral artery disease. PAD is a chronic, progressive circulatory disease in which plaque builds up in the arteries, the vessels that carry blood to the head, organs and limbs. Over time, the plaque buildup can harden and narrow the arteries, limiting blood flow to parts of the body. While PAD typically affects arteries in the legs, it can also affect blood flow to the head, arms, kidneys, and GI tract. PAD is linked to smoking, hypertension, diabetes and other common conditions. 

A combination therapy device, Zilver PTX both restores patency (blood flow) and provides targeted delivery of paclitaxel, a cell growth-limiting drug proven to reduce arterial restenosis (post-procedural blockages). This drug coats the stent without the use of a polymer, eliminating risks that may arise directly from a polymer. Zilver PTX is made of nitinol, a "shape memory" metal alloy, and is engineered to withstand the dynamic forces of the superficial femoral artery (SFA). Zilver PTX is the first peripheral vascular device that combines the mechanical support of stenting with the drug paclitaxel to reduce the risk of restenosis.

Trinity Mother Frances Hospitals and Clinics is the first facility in the region - and one of the first in the nation - to employ this groundbreaking and potentially lifesaving device.