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Heart Fitness

Cardio fitness, as the name implies, is exercise that makes your heart beat faster. A cardio fitness program can include anything from taking a brisk walk to attending a fast-paced fitness class.

Take care of your heart

Any type of physical activity that raises your heart rate above its resting level and increases breathing can help get your heart into prime condition. Keep your heart rate elevated for at least 20 minutes for the exercise to be effective. Ultimately, it is important to find something you enjoy so there will be a greater chance you’ll stick with it. 

Cardio conditioning

Cardio conditioning is essential for good heart health. It helps maintain a healthy body weight and increases physical endurance which otherwise diminishes over time.

A healthy heart is also a vital part of the body’s ability to fight off disease and maintain a sense of mental well-being. So if you want to get a jump on living a long and healthy life, get moving!

Get to know our Fitness Centers

CHRISTUS Trinity Mother Frances Health & Fitness Centers offer a variety of programs and classes to help you meet your personal goals and find out how great it feels to be fit.