ConnectCARE is our system for electronic health records powered by Epic, the industry’s leading software. ConnectCARE enables us to deliver higher quality care to our patients by housing each individual’s medical information in one central location, which allows different providers in different locations to access the exact same information at any given time.

Benefit to Our Patients

Imagine a scenario like this: You have a cold and go in to see your primary care physician, and then you have an appointment with a specialist for another issue. Then one night you end up in the Emergency Room, which requires your admission to the hospital for a surgical procedure. After it’s all said and done, you go back to your primary care physician for a follow-up.

With ConnectCARE, these visits now occur seamlessly because all of your medical information from each and every visit is instantly available to your various providers involved in your care through ConnectCARE.
Additionally, Epic offers the Care Everywhere tool that allows providers, with patient consent, to securely download patient clinical data from outside organizations. This gives physicians the information they need to provide treatment safely and effectively.

MyChart Patient Access Tool

MyChart is the online patient web portal where you can send secure messages to your physician’s office, view parts of your medical record, obtain lab and testing results, request and schedule appointments, and participate in video visits or eVisits for certain medical conditions that do not require a face-to-face visit.

MyChart can be accessed on your computer, or through the iPhone and android apps available. Now you have access to all of your medical information anytime you need it, allowing you to be more knowledgeable about your health and engaged in your care.

MyChart Security

MyChart has security measures in place much like a credit card or bank would have for their online services. In order for our patients to gain access to MyChart, they must be verified by their physician’s office and given a confidential PIN number for use the first time they log in.

Parents of young children or family members of elderly patients may access their family member’s MyChart account, but strict procedures are in place to ensure that the patient has provided his or her consent prior to that family member gaining access.

Impacting Our Mission

At CHRISTUS Trinity Mother Frances, it is our mission to enhance community health through service with compassion, excellence, and efficiency.

With ConnectCARE our providers are able to deliver a higher level of quality care because we can be more efficient and effective with our treatments. And with our patients more engaged in their health through their use of MyChart we are truly able to work together as a team and positively impact their life.

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