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Educational Classes

We offer educational programs, both privately or in a group setting, that provide thorough instruction on topics ranging from newborn care and breastfeeding to information more tailored to the medical needs of the individual patient.

Newborn Care - Learn the skills to care for your newborn.

Pediatric CPR - Learn preventive measures to protect the health and well-being of your infant/child. 

Modern Grand-parenting - Learn the most up-to-date childcare recommendations; and how to handle many common challenges faced by today’s grand parents.

Breastfeeding - Learn about the anatomy of the breast; how to recognize hunger cues from your newborn; proper latching techniques; various feeding positions; as well as in depth breast pump and milk storage education.

Childbirth Preparation - Learn about proper nutrition and exercise during pregnancy; how to create a birth plan, including medical intervention methods; the stages of labor and breathing exercises; and post postpartum physical and emotional care.

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